How to uninstall Transformation/UX Pack after facing black screen problems

I recently discovered about the root cause of black screen bug in OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack 3.x. It was caused by improper modification of explorerframe.dll resources with help from deviantart user ‘VasiliKoslov’. This guide will tell you how to uninstall bugged version of OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack before installing fixed ones.

Before we start, let me elaborate how this bug happened. explorerframe.dll wasn’t modified in Windows 8/8.1 before version 3.0. I couldn’t get it working properly in Windows 8 before and Windows 8 theme has toolbar arrow built-in now so I left it untouched. However, since I was going to add ribbon disabling feature in 3.0, I added explorerframe.dll back in filelist so that it’ll be restored when uninstall and somehow it worked just fine in my Windows 8.1 Single Language so I kinda forgot the reason why it left untouched. I don’t really know why some 8.1 users have this issue though but it’s fixed now anyway.

Now I added additional handling lines for Windows 8/8.1 so it’s all good now. Let’s uninstall previous build with the following steps below.

1. Boot Windows normally until you see black screen.
2. Open task manager by either holding CTRL+SHIFT and hit ESC or holding ALT+CTRL and hit DELETE then choose task manager.
3. Click on ‘File’ menu and select ‘Run new task’
4. Click ‘Browse…’ and select file ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\UX Pack\uxuninst.exe’. Remove ‘ (x86)’ part for x86 system.
5. Click ‘Open’ and then ‘OK’ to run uninstaller.
6. After finishing uninstallation, reboot and install fixed build again.

If you can’t open task manager at all, it’s probably not caused by error with explorerframe.dll file. There’re many kinds of mysterious black screen problems so it’s hard to track them all. Please try using recovery to repair your computer instead by following this guide.