How To Easily Defragment Windows Registry?

All Windows system settings are saved inside a database which is called the registry. It contains information and settings for various parts such as hardware, software, users, and preferences of your PC. The Windows registry is stored in the system on your hard disk. And like any file whenever Windows adds or deletes information in the registry, it becomes a little more fragmented. After that the data is physically scattered all over your hard drive .

In order to maintain good performance of your Windows system, it is necessary to defragment the registry and in this how to guide I will show you how to do that using RegDefrag whihc is a free software that works under Windows XP , Windows Vista and Windows 7 and compact it by removing orphaned keys and blanks to make it lighter and faster .

Step 1: First download RegDefrag software from this link and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Once installation is finished the RegDefrag will initially scan your registry to see if it needs to be defragmented.

Step 3: Double click the icon on the desktop RegDefrag.

Step 4: Click Defragment the registry.

Step 5: Click Scan.

Step 6: Click Yes.

Step 7: Analysis of registry begins. After a few minutes, the software informs you of the status of the fragmentation of the registry. Click Defragment.

Step 8: After the defragmentation is complete, you can generate a report that will give you more information on the transaction.

Step 9: Finally, click Restart to restart your computer.