Galaxy Note II: Cyanogenmod 11.0 – Fidelity Edition build 20141030

Another refresh build after CM release a few builds recently. I wonder if I should move to AGNi kernel since there’s hardly kernel updates in CM.

Changes I made aside from CM nightlies.

-Compiled with latest Linaro toolchain 4.7 and its NDK
-Compiled with Linaro optimization flags -O3 -pipe -Wl,–hash-style=gnu -fno-tree-vectorize -fno-inline-functions -fno-unswitch-loops
-Compiled with full strict aliasing (No warning error for kernel though because there’re too many to fix)
-Some Bionic optimizations cherry-picked from SlimSaber source
-Boeffla kernel sound mod added from AGNi kernel by @psndna88
-Low latency audio/voice driver tweaks
-Use Superclock frequency for system clock used in kernel’s audio codec