Fixing corrupted font installation with older version of Windows 8 Transformation Pack

Although nobody reported me or website about having font installation issue or system UI being messed up after installing Windows 8 Transformation Pack 6.5. However, this bug is still serious and it’s almost impossible even for power user to fix this themselves without proper tools prepared so I decided to release a patch that solves this problem for older and unfortunate users. Most people won’t normally experience this problem as they’re following long term instructions closing other applications and not doing anything during transformation. Weird chance of getting this serious trouble is almost zero for them and It took me this long just to figure out how to trigger this problem (and hardly one of ten to get that) and made proper patch to solve this.

The cause of this problem is assumed Segoe fonts family being replaced while they’re registered fonts causing corrupted font cache during font rendering or probably installation. So to make operations working smoothly, fonts need to be unregistered and removed before installing updated ones and register them again properly. This will ensure font cache being organized properly without making broken cache for Segoe fonts family.

To fix corrupted font installation problem, please follow the instructions below:

1. Download and then extract them to your thumb drive.
2. Boot to your OS that you need to fix this problem.
3. Inject your thumb drive or any other kind of storage containing above files extracted.
4. Invoke Run dialog using Win+R shortcut key and type ‘cmd’ then hit enter. You may need to boot from safemode with command prompt if you can’t find a way to run cmd.exe through normal boot.
5. Run segfixer.exe from command-line. It may ask for administrator rights without showing text so try to make a guess button if that happen.
6. It’ll show fixing font installtion message for a few seconds then ask to reboot. Reboot your machine.
7. If segfixer.exe doesn’t fix your font problem, run fixremover.exe this time, reboot and run segfixer.exe again.

This issue may sound scary to Windows 8 Transformation Pack users but be at ease as you don’t see this problem from first startup after transformation means you won’t ever see it and it’s reported from older version not current ones. However, good developer should be responsible for his past works and offer help and solution when he could not to keep silent and ignore providing solution for troubled users. Though this maybe futile for those who experienced it already and way too late to do good developer job but medicine is finally here.

Up until now I haven’t seen anyone reporting this problem with Windows 8 Transformation Pack 6.5 and there’s also Windows 8 UX Pack for people who prefer risk-free projects. I hope this news won’t decrease your confidence in using my projects.