Fidelizer 6.2

Fidelizer 6.1

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Fidelizer will instantly turn your Windows computer to audiophile workstation for sophisticated audiophile player like J River, XXHighEnd, HQPlayer, foobar, etc. It involves no permanent modifications so system will remain safe and sound after restart so even system with normal Windows installation can experience better sound quality when needed. Backgrounds behind the optimizations is far advanced for someone daring to make a free software but I was pissed with Mac audiophile zealots back then so I made this on a whim to show them how easily Windows can get better sound.

How Fidelizer works

FIdelizer will take advantages of MMCSS to handle multimedia in favor of better audio playback. It will also optimize other parts of system as below depending on level of optimization you choose before clicking ‘Fidelize’.

-Optimize audio thread, I/O priorities, clock rate in resource scheduler
-Optimize network utilization for low latency streaming media
-Optimize process thread priorities and system clock resolution
-Optimize processor core assignment for multi-core CPU
-Launch audiophile player with Fidelizer optimizations
-Stop most system services leaving only audio-related ones

This process are done on runtime so without making any permanent changes to the system except Fidelizer Pro that was designed for dedicated music server solution.


Configuring Fidelizer

Fidelizer has 4 optimization levels to choose. Default will be Workstation for normal use.

Workstation (For general purpose) – It’ll apply only ‘Fidelizer’s core system and resource scheduler optimizations’ This is key feature of Fidelizer and every Windows should have it.
Network streaming (Slower system) – It’ll optimize core optimizations in favor of network audio. It also reduce priority of non-audio processes to improve audio performance.
Audiophile (Slower system/network) – It’ll optimize core optimizations in favor of pure audio. It also reduce priority of non-audio processes and re-assign core affinity to improve audio performance.
Extremist (Full optimizations including stopping system services) – This will perform like Audiophile optimization level but also stopping system services. If you need to keep some services, choose Customize and select either Network features/User experiences.


Version 6.2

-Fixed incoherently thin sound on quad core optimizations

-Fixed incoherently thin sound on quad core optimizations

-Added Music Server with network support option
-Fixed incoherently thin sound on quad core optimizations
-Revised services disabling procedures to fix some services not working on some machines

Version 6.1

-Fixed fidelizer.key generation bugs on some system
-Fixed network issues caused by stopping services in Windows 7/8
-Reduced glare in high frequencies on some systems

-Fixed fidelizer.key generation bugs on some system
-Fixed network issues caused by stopping services in Windows 7/8
-Improved core optimizations based on Fidelizer Pro configuration
-Improved Network streaming audio performance

-Added Uninstall function
-Added ‘System configuration optimized for audio playback’ option
-Fixed fidelizer.key generation bugs on some system
-Fixed installation error trying to update running software
-Fixed incompatibility with some antivirus like Kaspersky Pure

Version 6.0
-Added Fidelizer upgrade program for buying advanced version of Fidelizer
-Changed ‘Professional’ optimization level name to ‘Workstation (General Purpose)’
-Changed default optimization level to ‘Workstation (General Purpose)’ for stable default configuration
-Changed some core optimizations to supported values according to Microsoft documents
-Fixed multi-core optimizations not working properly for audio playback part
-Fixed Fidelized audiophile player playback stability and compatibility
-Fixed JRemote and few others apps not working in Windows 8.1 using Extremist optimization level
-Fixed some Network Streaming optimizations that worked on unchecked one instead
-Fixed uPNP not working using Extremist optimization level with keeping network services
-Fixed some errors in parsing system configuration
-Revised core optimizations improving compatibility with all optimization levels and network streaming

Version 5.0
-Added new specific optimizations for Windows 8 and later
-Fixed sound stuttering from launching audiophile player with optimizations
-Fixed program error after optimizations in some cases
-Improved code optimizations reducing optimizing time significantly
-Improved sound signature producing better coherent and fuller body
-Improved system stability for Audiophile optimizations level and higher
-Optimize core optimizations to follow Microsoft standards
-Updated user interface with current UX style standards

Version 4.0
-Added launching audiophile player with Fidelizer optimizations
-Added Network Streaming optimization level better streaming media optimizations without stuttering
-Added prioritizing optimizations for network streaming over workstation fixing poor streaming quality
-Fixed program launch error in Windows 8/8.1 with Microsoft account

Version 3.0
-Fixed audio’s core affinity optimization not working when some features not checked
-Improved core system and resource scheduler optimizations for optimal audio performance
-Improved process resource priority optimizations keeping more core audio’s related processes
-Reworked multi-core optimizations to simpler yet more efficient approach
-Reworked UI graphics and branding

Version 2.1
-Fixed bugs in process optimizations (wrong condition causing whole option malfunction)
-Fixed multi-core optimizations performance and stability (and fixed veiled/duller sound quality)
-Updated some notes to make sure people closing audiophile player before performing optimizations.

Version 2.0
-Added processor core resource assignment for multi-core optimizations
-Fixed process priority optimizations so that new process like audiophile player won’t start with lowest priority
-Redesigned UI with selectable features list controlled by optimization level

Version 1.6
-Added realtime priority booster for Windows Audio in Windows XP to compensate missing features
-Improved priority optimizations since Audiophile level
-Changed run level to require Administrator rights on execution
-Removed autorun features as some users finding it confusing to handle

Version 1.5
-Features in State-of-art are merged into Audiophile
-Fixed saving configuration to save all options
-Improved system process optimizations stability
-Improved Windows XP and 64-bit compatibilities
-Restored stopping services feature in Extremist level

Version 1.4
-Improved multi-level service priorities optimization for better system stability and more natural sounding harmonics

Version 1.3
-Changed optimization group options to optimization level selection for better use and understanding
-Improved processor resource scheduler’s customization capabilities
-Removed all features that might cause system problems such as stopping services and processor core resource assignment
-Updated system thread priorities optimization with multi-level service priorities optimization

Version 1.2
-Added Keep services for themes running without Aero option
-Extended thread priority optimization to other system processes improving audio thread performance
-Introduced processer core resource assignment for multi-core system

Version 1.1
-Added autorun support (can be disabled by running program again without autorun)
-Added believable selectable features instead of advertising features comment
-Allowed user to keep specific services like networking and related interface controllers like HID and touch support

Version 1.0
-Initial release

CHIP – The free Fidelizer optimizes your PC at your fingertips for optimal audio playback.
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