Fidelizer 4.0 Released – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014

Fidelizer 4.0

Fidelizer 4.0

Merry Christmas everyone. Here’s my Christmas gift for all computer audiophile fans, a new version of Fidelizer. Well, it took this long not because I wanna hold the baggage until X’Mas night but it took time testing and optimizing for best sound quality. Not to mention adding 2 brand new different features making testing a lot harder.

The first one is ‘Network Streaming’ optimization level. This surely is best bud for YouTube audiophiles lol. No more stuttering and streaming audio degrading with low latency network optimizations. Another one is launching audiophile player with Fidelizer optimizations. Now player is integrated into Fidelizer optimizations making audio performance a whole new level with priority/affinity properly assigned. I also fixed Microsoft account problems in Windows 8/8.1 as well so no need to keep on using local account now.

Well, it was tough making audio performance improvement tool without making permanent changes but it helped me learning more about Windows instead of applying random tweaks without giving any deep thought behind it. Making Fidelizer helps me realizing the wrong in some of my permanent tweaks and drastically improve audio quality over 2 years with tests and measurements against highend Esoteric/dCS/Emm Labs sources. From these experiences, I could say most audio tweaks in the internet are wrong as much as they’re right.

Changes in version 4.0
-Added launching audiophile player with Fidelizer optimizations
-Added Network Streaming optimization level better streaming media optimizations
without stuttering
-Added prioritizing optimizations for network streaming over workstation fixing poor streaming quality
-Fixed program launch error in Windows 8/8.1 with Microsoft account

Download: Fidelizer 4.0