Fidelizer 3.0 – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013

Finally, some Fidelizer updates after long pause since 2.1. I’ve revised and tried other approaches for dozen times messing around system while not making permanently changes. If this goes on, it’ll be forever until I get worn out with computer audio. So I decided to settle with what I tried earlier this year. It’s quite simple approach but effective while retaining natural transient of harmonics.

The thing is I dumped non-audio processes down to the last core and set priority to idle. I also preserved some more important processes I realized after releasing 2.1. So audio will be working on all cores except the last one and player app will be running on the last core too so player won’t interfere audio performance providing better resolution. Those who don’t favor Fidelizer in their music server machine due to website nag after optimization and try this on their own. Sorry but this is my way to protect my pride in free software from audiophile companies taking advantages to make their Windows based music server’s price $xxxx higher because of stuff I made for free.

I also fixed some bugs and improved core audio optimizations to work better for more solid audio performance. I improved synergy between MMCSS and its API optimizations. There’re few more things I’d like to try like priority booster and integrating player into optimizations but they’re still in experimental right now as what I said in previous paragraph will be changed completely.

Fidelizer 3.0

Changes in version 3.0
-Fixed audio’s core affinity optimization not working when some features not checked
-Improved core system and resource scheduler optimizations for optimal audio performance
-Improved process resource priority optimizations keeping more core audio’s related processes
-Reworked multi-core optimizations to simpler yet more efficient approach
-Reworked UI graphics and branding

Read more about Fidelizer and download it at Fidelizer’s product page.

Software jitter may sound little hard to believe but IBM once made remarkable paper about OS jitter and means to reduce latency inĀ OS jitter. So this isn’t baseless as some people in some communities may think. My Android version of Fidelizer script is almost done now so it’ll be probably released sometimes after new year.