Control an Android phone from a computer web browser

Managing an Android phone from a computer web browser from can be more convenient and fast as you are working on phone itself. To make this possible you can use free application called AirDroid which can be configured to allow access from the computer via a local IP, port and password. All configuration is done automatically. For this to work we need the phone and the computer have access to the same network.

You can then accesses the phone from a web browser by specifying connection information such as IP, port and password. The screen will then appear giving you access to phone files, messages, apps, phone logs, and much more. The following functions are available:

  • Phone model and states: Android version, memory usage, SD card, battery level, number of contacts, number of messages, applications …
  • Message management: visualization of SMS, delete SMS, send an SMS
  • Call Logs: incoming, outgoing and missed with the possibility of removing them
  • Applications Management: install applications, uninstall, install apk application file, export applications
  • Phone clipboard management: recovery, sending a text to the clipboard mobile (useful for passwords)
  • Access to the file system of the phone: folder creation, renaming, copying, moving, deleting, export, import from your computer
  • Access to photos: copy to the PC, delete, import to add a photo, wallpaper
  • Access to music: listen, delete, export, import
  • Contact management: favorites, editing, deletion, modification, addition, notes, research …

Retrieval and copying files, installing applications, viewing and sending SMS … all these functions can be done from a computer, it really is ideal when you are not comfortable with small screens, keyboards and other tiny annoyances laptops. AirDroid is a real toolkit system to manage and use their phone simply and efficiently. The application is free and you can download it from the Android Market, also there is a very useful guide which will show you how easily you can control Android from PC.