Reviving Windows Optimizer project

Windows X Optimizer

Finally, time to lit some fire of passion to revive some dead projects. After years of Windows optimizations for audiophile nirvana, I’ve¬†accumulated¬†a lot of experience and knowledge to squeeze out every inch of Windows system for best possible sound quality. Just now, my dad’s asked me why I stopped updating this project. After some lengthy consideration, I decided to revive this project with current knowledge and perspectives I have put into audiophile music server with fashional with my current UX’s style.

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Fidelizer 4.0 Released – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014

Fidelizer 4.0

Merry Christmas everyone. Here’s my Christmas gift for all computer audiophile fans, a new version of Fidelizer. Well, it took this long not because I wanna hold the baggage until X’Mas night but it took time testing and optimizing for best sound quality. Not to mention adding 2 brand new different features making testing a lot harder.

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How To Easily Defragment Windows Registry?

All Windows system settings are saved inside a database which is called the registry. It contains information and settings for various parts such as hardware, software, users, and preferences of your PC. The Windows registry is stored in the system on your hard disk. And like any file whenever Windows adds or deletes information in the registry, it becomes a little more fragmented. After that the data is physically scattered all over your hard drive .
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How to save storage space on your laptop?

It’s easy to forget that your laptop has limited space until you find yourself getting endless warnings about low memory. Obviously you can’t just go around deleting things you need, so try out these less drastic alternatives. Continue reading “How to save storage space on your laptop?”

Cloud based enterprise storage solutions

Enterprise storage refers to computer data storage as practiced by enterprises. While there are similarities between this and consumer storage, enterprise storage has many more demands on it. These include a higher level of reliability, scalability, and fault tolerance. Continue reading “Cloud based enterprise storage solutions”