LiveTuner 3.0 – New design with analysis

LiveTuner 3.0

Like Steve Jobs used to say most Apple products will reach its maturity after 3 generations, LiveTuner 3.0 has now reached its maturity with feedback and improvements. In this version, you’ll get to see most of customized tweaks before applying with analysis page providing tweaks transparency. It’s a lot of work to provide good insights while keeping it simple but this should clear all the doubts about how it optimizes your system now. I also redesigned program UI following flat and metro concepts.

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LiveTuner 2.0 – Improved optimizations with more features

LiveTuner 2.0

From feedback I received from first stable build, I made some small changes  in optimizations according to users’ report like re-enabling SuperFetch to make ReadyBoost working, fix startup process always holding itself without doing anything, add livetuner.log so that I can analysis what prevents LiveTuner from completing the optimizations and revised file caching a little for better stability and scalability.

I also added some new features like ‘Computer Audiophile Server’ application optimizations, lowering Windows Defender service priority to for old machines and readme section to provide information about software itself. You can update to version 2.0 directly without uninstalling previous version first and make sure to verify selected options before updating.

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Fidelizer 5.0 Released – Major update with Windows 8/8.1 fully compatible

Fidelizer 5.0

I thought I’d fix only reported bugs and apply some UX style updates but since I made some breakthrough optimizations of my own music server since new year so I decided to put something that can be implemented for major update instead. Most Windows 8/8.1 bugs and stuttering in Audiophile level should be solved in this release. I also added some Windows 8/8.1’s specific optimizations and improve overall system stability with some sound signature optimizations being more accurate and resemble most hiend sacd transports.

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LiveTuner 1.0 – Finally a stable build with finished implementations

LiveTuner 1.0

It took sometimes because I caught a cold from my mom just before going back to Bangkok. I made some refinements since beta 4 to make it optimal for real world workstation usage.Steam gaming works great now and some processes don’t get stalled making over all performance breezing smoothly. I also revised additional optimizations to perform as startup optimizations making it more convenient to use.

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LiveTuner beta 4 – Testing before making stable build branch

LiveTuner beta 4

As some people reported in beta 3 about Steam games problems, I decided to release another beta build to see if this will solve reported problem. Skrell, please let me know if Steam games work fine after applying LiveTuner beta 4 optimizations. I also made some other changes in this beta as I intended to publish stable ones below.

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