Windows 10 Transformation/UX Pack 7.0 Released – Anniversary Update is here

I’ve been so busy with many real life projects since last update so I couldn’t spend time maintaining transformation packs like before. Right now I’m visiting parents and finally have some free time to work on long awaited Windows 10 updates now for better release.

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Where’s the updates? Become our Patron and help us save the future of OS customization

Since a few people asked, I’d like to clarify the current situation about customization projects. With declining trends of OS customization, we have less talented artists in community. Windows and macOS has less news and UI enhancements to update. That’s why there isn’t much of UI changes in recent updates.

Also, web ad is dying out and adblock even made things worse. Lee gave another chance trying to build ViFind with me for macOS customization but he later gave up because he had to put his time on things that he can earn revenue to pay the bill. I, too have put more time on real-life stuff that makes living since Windows X’s Live doesn’t make enough to pay for the bill anymore.

ViFind has high potentials so it really saddens me to see no updates. I’m still checking out news about Windows 10 and macOS. If there’s major upgrade that is worth applying to customization packs, I’ll put some spare time to do it but I’m quite busy nowadays with real life works.

We still think of plans to do ahead about OS customization. It’s sad to see this thing dying out and put the world’s most reliable transformation packs off stage. I’ve been developing this platform for over 10 years and it’s the only single software that supports from Windows XP to Windows 10.

If there’s somehow a method to fund us revenue enough to dedicated our time too, we can spend more time building better stuff for you guys. Right now we’re checking out Patreon which seems to be the most viable solution right now. I’m also open for other ideas so feel free to drop by.

If you can become our patron, please share this post and comment below so we can see the possibility of making a future to OS customization. I can think of a few rewards for our patron like monthly poll voting, application skinning request, new customization request, and so on. Let’s save OS customization community together!

UXTheme Multi-Patcher 15.0 – Big update with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition support

After numerous attempts to fix UxStyle working with Windows 10 v1511 in El Capitan Packs, it was a catastrophe that almost ruined the customization community. I tried my best and I have to admit there’s no sure safe method for that so I suspended UXTheme Multu-Patcher updates until the time is right. And now is that time after confirming how great it works with macOS Packs in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.

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macOS Transformation/UX Pack 4.0 Released – Support all Windows 10 versions with bugs resolved

Make sure to create a restore point before installing for safety measures.

Sorry to keep you guys waiting. There’s Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (AE) comes up so I decided to release a new major release instead. Good news is Windows 10 AE doesn’t need aerolite.msstyles hack anymore so it works like it should have been now. I also tested and fixed all incompatibilities I found and release as macOS packs today.

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UX Patcher updates for El Capitan Transformation/UX Pack released

Yesterday I reviewer another teamviewer’s session that have installation issue and found that some machines don’t have Administrator account but something else called ‘Admin’. As a result, I tried to add permission to current user name instead and it worked in Teamviewer.

Please let me know if this UX Patcher works for you.