UxStyle is now on GitHub

I asked Rafael if there’s any news about UxStyle updates. He replied to me that UxStyle is now on GitHub and needs someone to test on later Windows builds and compiling, etc.


He also provided detailed instructions about his project and how to build ones too. I hope this will lead to good contribution to theming community in future.

Rewrite Data – Optimize memory data reading on storage

Happy new year everyone. Today I’d like to present a gift from fellow audiophile Mr. Hiroyuki Yokota who is developer of Bug Head Emperor audio player. It’s called Rewrite Data that will save machine’s optimized data to storage reducing jitter problems after loading file into memory.

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O2Tunes Christmas Giveaway – The backup/transfer tool for iOS devices

I received giveaway mail from AmoyShare that they’re providing O2Tunes giveaway. It’s software to manage music & media transfer between iPhone/iPad and computer. It normally costs $39.95 but now it’s free until 5th January 2015.

O2Tunes Christmas Giveaway

CollageIt Pro Giveaway

Yesterday was Thailand’s father day and many people are sharing good love to father including me. So I think something like this would come handy for presenting photo collection. This giveaway will last until 7th December 2014 so be to grab it on time.

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