Buy Windows 8: What version and at what price?

On August 1st Microsoft announced that it has completed Windows 8 (RTM). This version of Windows 8 was only available to professional subscribers to MSDN and TechNet programs, or individuals but as a trial version. But since today (October 26th) all users can have access and buy this new edition of Microsoft Windows. If you want to get one version for yourself here are the possible ways to get it.

If you already have a computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7:

You can take advantage of the promotional offer on upgrading to Windows 8 Pro. It is charged 30 euros for download from the Microsoft Store, or 60 euros on DVD in store as mail. The DVD is expected to rise to 280 euros after January 31, 2013, unless the Offer is extended, it is better not miss the boat.

There is no update to the standard edition of Windows 8, and there is also no longer valid family pack for three computers, as was the case with Windows 7.

If you recently purchased a new computer with Windows

Most computers purchased since June 2, 2012 are eligible for a special offer upgrade (Windows upgrade offer), they have the Professional Edition, Home Premium or even Windows 7 Home Basic. The offer entitles to download the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for 15 euros. The computer owners must register on the dedicated website that Microsoft has put in place. Also make sure to test your ActiveX controls at on a regular basis to prevent potential security problems and crashes.

If you are buying a new computer

If you wait for the launch of Windows 8 to buy a new computer, the best solution depends on which edition you are successful.

Most new computers delivered with Windows 8 will benefit from the standard edition. If it suits you, you simply buy such a computer.

But if you want to reach Windows 8 Pro, it is better to buy a computer with Windows 7 and take advantage of the offer of 15 euros, since upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro will be charged 60 euros.

This applies even if you want to enjoy the Media Center and native support for DVD video, since the “Pack Media Center for Windows 8” is reserved for Windows 8 Professional, it is free until 31 January 2013 and will then be charged 10 euros.

You intend to build your own computer

Finally, if you want to enjoy the release of Windows 8 to assemble a new computer, there is only one solution: the licensed versions “Personal Use”, which replaces the OEM versions formerly reserved for resellers.

The standard edition of Windows 8 is then charged 110 euros, 160 euros for the Pro edition.

They will probably be sold exclusively in physical form and exclusively by third party distributors, but not Microsoft, not even download, although these restrictions have longer necessary now that these versions are officially accessible to individuals.

Where to Buy Windows 8:

If you want to get this version of Windows 8 while its prices are so low you can as always order Windows 8 at Microsoft Store at this link.