Blank navigation pane fixer – Finally sorted out what caused it

After many months of investigating. I managed to reproduce this issue and sorted out what caused it. This issue will occur on machine installing latest version of Windows 10/Yosemite Transformation Pack for the first time, meaning some essential component is broken for first time installing. In this case, it’s moveex software.

Previously, I put UxStyle installation on different architecture detection and also managing moveex component. By removing UxStyle code, I also removed moveex architecture management part as well. For people installing transformation packs before, moveex is already installed before so this won’t happen to me or other people using it before. But for new user, it’ll always run x86 version making x64 platforms moving x64 files to syswow64 instead of System32 causing broken x86 files.

To fix this problem, I’m releasing this patch to reinstall moveex component and repair broken system files so you can install transformation packs again without trouble. I apologize for letting this serious bug slipping for this long. Fortunately, it’s only x86 files so system can still work pretty well for most of the time. This bug will be gone for good in future version of transformation packs.

Download: Blank navigation pane fixer