Why professionals use PDF and why you should too

It’s not a coincidence that all major industry professionals that work with text documents use PDF. It’s simply the most adequate format for all the necessities that come with a job that implies a lot of adding, editing, cutting and manipulation of text in general. However, that doesn’t mean that PDF is just for someone that has an official job as a text manipulator of any sort. Even though the situation might have seemed that way for a very long time because regular users didn’t really tough PDF, it’s not the case.
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How The Internet Changed TV

TV is dead. Long live TV. For decades the box in the corner of our living rooms has been a focal point. We’ve gathered around it to hear some of the biggest news stories of the past half a century, laughed along with global sitcoms, and cried tears over emotional scenes. But while the internet has, and is continuing to massively disrupt many industries, it was difficult to break television’s hold over our lives. Over the past few years this has begun to change. As times have changed, so has the way we’ve watched television, and also how television is made.
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Sony announces new Xperia T2 Ultra and Xperia E1

Sony has officially announced two new Android smartphones for this year. It is Xperia T2 Ultra, a phablet with 6-inch display designed specifically for the Asian and African markets , where phones with large screens are very popular, and Xperia E1 . The Xperia T2 Ultra , as previously mentioned, will have a screen with a diagonal of 6 inches and resolution of 1280×720.
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