Windows 10 Transformation/UX Pack 2.0 Released – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015


Windows 10 Transformation Pack 2.0

Merry Christmas everyone. Ho! Ho! Ho! Today I’m giving you my X’Mas presents. With new build 9901 leaked, we get wallpapers now. Well, you guys probably get them already. And we have folder icons updated now. That’s really great lol. Aside from build 9901 updates, I fixed other bugs I found in previous release as well. I hope it’ll solve you guys’ problems after updating to version 2.0 with Cortena-like taskbar.

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Yosemite Transformation/UX Pack 3.0 Released – Improved Yosemite experiences


Yosemite Transformation Pack 3.0

To change black theme, right click on ‘Desktop’ and select ‘Personalise’.

Since releasing the completed Yosemite transformation last few months ago, I’ve been keeping tracks of reports and Yosemite updates from developer builds and now is the time that I’ve finished all these works. Reported bugs are fixed, Dock and Taskbar customization is more flexible, more Yosemite wallpapers, Black theme ported for Windows 7/8 and Helvetica Neue font is back without causing trouble in Facebook feeds. This sure is another great release and I’ve fallen for Yosemite UI even more.

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Fidelizer 6.4 Released – New website, new outlook

Fidelizer Pro

At last, a new home in website. Now I can focus making dedicated contents to Fidelizer and related audiophile projects since some potential customers are tormented by of ads from my original website hosting freeware projects. In new website, I focus only on what users want to read, what they want to see, and what they want to understand.

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Fidelizer Upgrade Program – 100th purchase offer

Fidelizer Upgrade Program - 100th Purchase Offer

Thank you guys for giving chance to small project from hobby to grow. On 5th January 2015, Fidelizer Upgrade Program reached 100th purchase milestone. To celebrate such event, we’d like to thank you Fidelizer users by offering limited time discounts.

Fidelizer Plus: $39.95 -> $30 USD (Expired)
Fidelizer Pro: $69.95 -> $55 USD (Expired)

This offer will last until 13th January 2015. I hope you guys are having good holidays and enjoying CES 2015 event right now. I promise to bring better sound quality to Windows platform in future releases to come. Not many brave souls would purchase software without trying first so trust me you guys are the best!  I hope some days we will reach 500th purchase milestone. Thank you again for choosing Fidelizer Upgrade Program. Let us venture into the new height of high fidelity audio together!

Keetakawee Punpeng (Windows X)

UxStyle is now on GitHub

I asked Rafael if there’s any news about UxStyle updates. He replied to me that UxStyle is now on GitHub and needs someone to test on later Windows builds and compiling, etc.

He also provided detailed instructions about his project and how to build ones too. I hope this will lead to good contribution to theming community in future.

Fidelizer 6.3 Released – Now works properly on Windows Server Core

Fidelizer 6.1

I got report about Fidelizer not working on Windows Server 2012 R2 in Core mode recently. Thanks to Audiophile Optimizer bringing back MMCSS and Kernel Streaming to Server Core OS. However, Phil doesn’t bring back to Core edition anymore in recent version thus Fidelizer couldn’t utilize certain feature and caused error message. This version will fix this issue by checking whether it is implemented before executing.

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