Windows 10 Transformation/UX Pack 3.0 Released – Here comes big update!


Windows 10 Transformation Pack 3.0

It took a while to investigate the cause of blank navigation pane bug and some failures in system files modification and other related bugs. In this release, I reviewed all bugs reported and source code to solve all found bugs and also make a big update for visual changes from new Windows 10 resources.

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Yosemite Transformation/UX Pack 4.0 Released – Now support Windows 10!


Yosemite Transformation Pack 4.0

Please apply Blank navigation pane fixer patch before installing this version.

Happy Valentine everyone. It was also my grandmom’s birthday so I had long talk with cousin until I get back to prepare the release. Sorry it took this long for Windows 10 support. I was patiently waiting and testing whether I could add Windows 10 compatibility using UxStyle and it was yet to be ready for Windows 10 build 9926. So I decided to ship with file patching method like Windows 10 Packs for now. In this release, I updated some graphical changes to look more resemble with real Yosemite UI so I hope you’ll like it.

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Added Transformation/UX Pack Uninstaller

After reviewing feedback for a while. I noticed some people getting uninstaller application removed or corruped making uninstallation a lot of trouble. So I decided to upload separated uninstaller software for cases like this. Please use it at your own caution.

Windows 10 Transformation Pack 3.0 Uninstaller
Windows 10 UX Pack 3.0 Uninstaller
Yosemite Transformation Pack 4.0 Uninstaller
Yosemite UX Pack 4.0 Uninstaller

Sorry for realizing it this late but better than never, right?

Blank navigation pane fixer – Finally sorted out what caused it

After many months of investigating. I managed to reproduce this issue and sorted out what caused it. This issue will occur on machine installing latest version of Windows 10/Yosemite Transformation Pack for the first time, meaning some essential component is broken for first time installing. In this case, it’s moveex software.

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UXTheme Multi-Patcher 14.2 – Working on Windows 10 build 9926 x64 now

UXTheme Multi-Patcher 13.0After reporting Rafael about Windows 10 build 9926 issues with x64 edition, he sent me another build on 1st March 2015 with some installation fixes as well. I was busy during that time so sorry for little delay. You should be able to use UxStyle on Windows 10 build 9926 x64 now.

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