Windows 10 Transformation/UX Pack 5.0 Released – Finishing touch of Windows 10 experience


Windows 10 Transformation Pack 5.0

UPDATE: Fixed installation error on Windows 10 Transformation Pack 5.0

As soon as Windows 10 RTM becoming available after reservation, I hit upgrade and examed the real Windows 10 RTM to update my Windows 10 projects. Most icons stayed the same as previous release except Control Panel icon. It has new customizable logon screen which is great asset for Yosemite project but I failed to extract the exact background so I’ll use wallpaper instead. There’s also Windows 10 branding and new wallpapers with some bugs fixed and updates here and there.

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Yosemite Transformation/UX Pack 4.0 Released – Now support Windows 10!


Yosemite Transformation Pack 4.0

Please apply Blank navigation pane fixer patch before installing this version.

Happy Valentine everyone. It was also my grandmom’s birthday so I had long talk with cousin until I get back to prepare the release. Sorry it took this long for Windows 10 support. I was patiently waiting and testing whether I could add Windows 10 compatibility using UxStyle and it was yet to be ready for Windows 10 build 9926. So I decided to ship with file patching method like Windows 10 Packs for now. In this release, I updated some graphical changes to look more resemble with real Yosemite UI so I hope you’ll like it.

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Teaser shot of next Yosemite updates

Yosemite Updates Teaser

Due to some difficulties I have with Windows 10 after upgrading, I couldn’t finish up all Windows 10 stuff for Yosemite projects before my birthday so I’ll provide you this teaser shot instead for time being.

I’ll release next Yosemite updates after finishing Windows 10 section. There seem to be a lot of works to be done including clean install Windows 10 again.

Windows 10 Transformation/UX Pack 4.5 Released – Improved Windows 10 experience

Windows 10 Transformation Pack 4.5

Windows XP x86 system files bug is now fixed by reverting to old Resource Hacker for XP only. So if you had a problem with XP, please try the proper release.

Not so long after releasing version 4.0, Windows 10 comes out again with new icons. Thank god it’s only minor changes with new icons. There’s also one major bug in Windows 10 Transformation Pack 4.0 related to Windows activation. It worked fine on my PC during testing but after using it for a few days, I realized I was wrong. It looks like we can’t really tamper those branding files at all in Windows 8/8.1. So I fixed this bug along with some updates from Windows 10 build 10147.

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