UXTheme Multi-Patcher 10.0 – 8/8.1 Glass theme is now supported


UXTheme Multi-Patcher 10.0

I planned to release UXTheme patcher updates with 8/8.1 glass support yesterday someone reported UXTheme Multi-Patcher caused infamous black screen bug just before releasing it… Well, I was terrified. How could such a service patching theme engine files through memory patching lead to this? So I digged up some search about ‘UxStyle black screen’ and found these


Further investigation reported that even Microsoft update itself randomly caused it sometimes. Although the chance to get black screen from UxStyle is very low but I’ll apply permission fixes to all related files hoping this will secure your system from black screen bug after patching. If you have any Transformation/UX Pack installed, please reinstall UXTheme Multi-Patcher to make sure you won’t get in trouble after applying updates. I’ll update Windows 8 projects soon with these issues covered.

Download: UXTheme Multi-Patcher 10.0

OS X Mavericks Transformation/UX Pack 3.0 Released – Sawasdee Pee Mai


OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack 3.0

Happy Songkran everybody. Today I’m releasing OS X Mavericks updates as for Thai’s new year gift. It’s quite a big update especially for Windows 8/8.1 users. Since this is major update with improvements in everywhere, I’ll explain in details below.

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Giveaway of SmartPixel Screen Capturing Video Editing Software and Video Converter Factory Pro

Looks like I’ve found some good giveaway for everyone today. Screen capturing and video editing software are mandatory to have for YouTubers these days. They’re giving 15 Licenses of SmartPixel screen capturing video editing software and 15 Licenses of Video Converter Factory Pro are giving away. Get these two wonderful applications for completely FREE now!

How to solve black screen problems after installing transformation packs

Although I never experienced this myself since I didn’t use UEFI or secure boot until just now. I investigated about black screen problems and found some solutions related to setting permissions again to fix it. I already fixed it in upcoming OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack 3.0 so you shouldn’t need to worry about this issue after installing it but for some people who are experiencing black screen problems, this article will provide you step-by-step solution to fix it.

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